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Spray Tan Prep

When you decide to get a spray tan, there are some things you will need to do to ensure your technician has the best canvas to work with. 

Start by lightly exfoliating with a wash rag, body buff, or body scrub 1 week prior. You will want to do this every day until the day before your appointment.

Use a decent moisturizer after every exfoliation and at least twice a day.


Shaving must be done 24 hours prior.

Waxing should be completed at least 3 days prior.

Manicures and Pedicures should be done at least 8 hours prior - rinsing off any lotions or oils before to your technicians arrival.

Remove any makeup, deodorant, and lotions before your appointment. 

Tight Yoga pants, sports bras, skinny jeans, and socks are BIG NO NO!

Loose, dark clothing is ideal for after a tan


After Care

Moisturized skin is ideal in keeping a long lasting glow.

Fun Fact:  DHA is the active ingredient in ALL spray tan solutions. It stands for Dihydroxyacetone. It is a COLORLESS chemical, made from sugar cane, that interacts with our skins amino acids in our dead skin cells to produce a brown color.  

Another Fun Fact:  DHA takes 24 full hours to process completely.

One Last Fun Fact:  Using and soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, or lotion within the first 24 hours will stop DHA's job right in it's tracts. This means that if you use any of the above mentioned before 24 hours, your tan may not turn out as intended.

Moving on...

Your first shower experience after your spray tan will be one with water ONLY.  Depending on which solution you chose for your spray tan (regular or rapid), you will either rinse (again.. water ONLY) at 8 hours for regular solutions, or 1-3 hours for rapid solution.

No. Lotion. Until. After. 24. Hours.

Use water based lotions only. No mineral oil. Hempz (we sell this), St Ives, Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion, Jergens. All great water based lotions.

Avoid baths, hot tubs, pools. and long showers.