About Us

Our Team


Our team of licensed and certified technicians are experts at what they do and come with years of experience. Our team is growing every day, too! At this time, we have technicians in the following cities to accommodate our widespread clientelle:

Amy - DFW

Dale - DFW

Ashley - DFW

Gayla - East Texas

Katie - 30A, FL

Relaxing Enironment

 We strive to keep our services convenient and stress free. That's why we bring our salon to you! Each of our services require an outlet, 6 sq ft of space, and some light. The location that we set up in is entirely up to you, however we will help you decide if need be. 

High-Quality Products


We proudly carry the highest quality products on the market and we want to be completely open and honest with our clients about what we use on their skin.

Spray Tans - MineTan

Skincare - Emenince Organics

Brow & Lashes - Refectocil